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Hoyle House is Pest Free

At the last board meeting there was discussion regarding the need to have the house, buildings and grounds treated for pests.

The executive committee located a service provider and decided to move forward with the treatment.

On Saturday, July 12 I met the service provider, Johnny Buff, at the Hoyle House to conduct the comprehensive treatment process.  We were on site for approximately 5 hours.  The following areas were treated:

Main House – exterior and interior
Well House – exterior and interior
White Building – exterior and interior
Barn – exterior and interior
Parking Area
Grounds inside the fence
Trees inside the fence

As those of you who have attended an Open House know, we have an issue on the property regarding tent caterpillars.  For whatever reason these caterpillars love the walnut trees.  The trees were heavily infested.  It looks like they become very active in the May / June timeframe.  Johnny sprayed all of the nests that he could reach with his equipment, but he could not reach the nests in the top of the trees.  Johnny treated the trees and the soil around the trees heavily in an attempt to cut down on the caterpillars next year.  We will have to treat the ground again in the spring.  Chances are that once Open House rolls around the nests will be visible and cause concern for some folks but not to worry because we have treated the trees and soil and are trying to get ahead of the caterpillars for next year.

I visited the site again on Monday, July 14 and didn’t see any flying insects at all.  All wasp nests that we encountered were empty.  The caterpillar nests that were sprayed contained dead caterpillars.  I didn’t notice any pest activity at all.

Johnny did a great job for us and has volunteered to come back before open house just to make sure there aren’t any issues. He plans on bringing his family to our Open House as well.

Best regards,

Patrick Messer

HHH Secretary

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