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Hoyle Historic Homestead Newsletter-Volume 24, #3 Winter 2016


Hoyle Historic Homestead Newsletter-Volume 24, #1 Spring 2016

HH_Spring 2016_Newsletter

Hoyle Historic Homestead Newsletter – Volume 23, #2 Summer 2015

Hoyle Historic Homestead Newsletter – Volume 23, #1 Spring 2015

Hoyle Historic Homestead Newsletter – Volume 22, #3 Winter 2014

Hoyle Historic Homestead Newsletter – Volume 22, #2 Summer 2014

Hoyle Historic Homestead Newsletter – Volume 22, #1 Spring 2014

Hoyle Historic Homestead News Header

Volume 22, Number 1 Hoyle Historic Homestead ? PO Box 235 ? Dallas, NC 28034 Spring 2014

Recent Hoyle House Restoration in Process

Hoyle Historic Homestead Floor Repair ImageThe Summer 2013 HHH Newsletter informed the public of the DAR grant, which had been received and applied to restorations inside the Hoyle House. Visitors to this year’s Open House viewed these improvements. Work is still in process, which slowed because of our winter weather.

The following has been completed: restoring walls, doorways, repairing and replacing baseboards and chair railing, and repairing doorways. These tasks required precise measuring and retro-fitting of the walls, doorways, windows, and chimneys. All of these restorations had to be completed prior to installing the new pine flooring.

A local saw mill cut purchased pine logs into period sized boards. They have been cured and transported to the Hoyle House. They will be sized and installed by our contractor, Alan Goodson, as soon as his schedule permits with an improvement in the weather. The completion of this process will display the first floor of the Historic Hoyle House as an accurate period restoration. Since these rooms are the oldest and most often visited, the restoration will enhance the mission of the Hoyle Historic Homestead to restore this historic home as accurately as possible.

With better weather it is hoped that Mr. Goodson will complete the pine flooring over the next few weeks. A few other minor restoration repairs will complete the process.

Chair Atterberry Announces Major Gift to HHH

Elizabeth Atterberry, Hoyle Historic Homestead Chair, announced a major gift of stock to the Hoyle Historic Homestead. Ray and Agnes Yount of LaVale, Maryland donated 100 shares of Exxon Mobile to be used to further the goals of restoring the Hoyle Historic Homestead. The HHH Board maintains ownership of the stock with the goal of capitalizing the generous donation toward future projects.

The Younts have been long-time supporters of HHH and area genealogy and local history. They attended the 2013 Open House, expressed appreciation for the progress being made, and acknowledged that more needs to be done. They decided to kick-start fund raising efforts through the stock donation.

Chair Atterberry solicits donations of stock or money. Potential donors should contact her or Treasurer Vann Noblett for additional information.

Hoyle Historic Homestead Board of Directors Honorary Board Members
Officers William Barnes Jim Love Barbara & Carlos Guiterrez
Elizabeth Atterberry, Chairman Carol Brittain Rita Pasour Mitchel D. Hoyl, deceased
Anne Hanna, Vice Chairman Jerry Campbell Vickie Pietz David Hoyle, Jr.
Patrick Messer, Secretary Robert Carpenter Pat Rudisill  Doris Hoyle, deceased
Vann Noblett, Treasurer Wilma Craig  Lynn Stewart  Norris Hoyle, deceased
John Lutz, Historian Thomas Gillespie Rudolph Young  Jack Hoyle, deceased
Barbara Gutierrez Terry Waldrop


Community Foundation Run For The Money

Support Hoyle Homestead through Run for the Money12 and Have Your Gift Matched

Since 2002 the Community Foundation of Gaston County has hosted Run for the Money. In supporting our efforts through this event your gift is matched by the foundation. The Run will be held on April 12th in downtown Gastonia. Contributions are being accepted until April 18, 2014. You can donate by using the included Donor Form or by visiting the foundation’s website at cfgaston.org. Please make checks payable to the Community Foundation of Gaston County and forward them to PO Box 123, Gastonia, NC 28053. Thank you for your support!


Hoyle Historic Homestead Newsletter – Volume 21, #3 Winter 2013

Hoyle Historic Homestead News HeaderVolume 21, #3    Hoyle Historic Homestead – 1214 Dallas Stanley Highway – Dallas, NC 28034   Summer 2013

Open House Report

Scouts Raise Flag at Historic Hoyle Homestead Open HouseOn Saturday, September 14 the Hoyle Historic Homestead held its 22nd Annual Open House at the homestead, 1214 Dallas Stanley Highway, Dallas, NC. The event was a great success, and about 300 people attended. The festivities began with a flag raising
by Boy Scout Troop 45.

Attendees enjoyed 10 exhibitors, which included most local and regional historical and genealogical societies and museums. Many books were purchased and contacts were made. Those attending enjoyed house tours, which featured restorations inside. In addition they observed the area where an archeological dig, and the Gas House has been proposed. Of special interest this year was the Genealogy Table led by Greg Payseur. The lines were long to learn about relatives and to make new acquaintances.

Soldiers of the Cross provided our music and everyone enjoyed and appreciated them. At 11:00 Robert Carpenter, chair of HHH, delivered the annual report. Pat Rhyne Rudisill then reported the Long Range Plan. She solicited attendees to complete a survey to provide input on the direction for future progress at the Hoyle Historic Homestead.

Following the program, a delicious lunch of hot dogs was enjoyed until all were Archeological Dig at Hoyle Historic Homesteadgone! The Open House was deemed a great success because so many attendees remained to enjoy the House and Grounds and one another. Special thanks are delivered to Robert Hayes, Open House Chair; Mt. Holly Historical Society; Gaston County Museum of Art and History; Broad River Genealogical Society; Bob and Elizabeth Atterberry, our hot dog chefs; Jim Love; Greg Payseur; Gaston Lincoln Genealogical Society; Schiele Museum of Natural History & Planetarium; Gaston County Historical Society; BSA Troop 45; Dallas Renovators; Dallas Courthouse Restoration Committee; Belmont Historical Society; all HHH Board members and friends who labored to plan, set up, and take down for the event. The event celebrated 2012-2013 contributors to the HHH and Run for the Money contributors.

– Robert Carpenter, Past Chairman

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Hoyle Historic Homestead News Volume 21 #2 Summer 2013

Hoyle Historic Homestead News

Volume 21, #2     Hoyle Historic Homestead 1214 Dallas Stanley Highway – Dallas, NC 28034    Summer 2013

HHH-Corner Hoyle Historic Homestead Celebrates Open House

 Saturday, September 14, 2013 10:00-2:00

Once again we have the opportunity to join together to celebrate our heritage. Since last Open House, some positive changes have occurred. HHH has received a DAR grant to complete the flooring in the Main House. In addition because of your generous donations, we accumulated $2520.77 from the Gaston Community Foundation Run for the Money.

The Board has embarked on a number of projects. One project, which will not be completed by the Open House, involves the restoration of the tombstones from the old Hoyle Cemetery. Plans are in place, once we determine where they should be sited. A Long Range Planning effort is being chaired by Pat Rhyne Rudisill, who will provide more information in this Newsletter and at the Open House. Providing restrooms for the site remains a challenge, primarily because of funding. You will learn more about these plans.

Restoration of the downstairs Main House is in process. At the Open House you will be able to see the quality of the work completed so far. A flag-raising will begin the Open House. Again this year you will enjoy House Tours, Exhibitors from local societies and groups, book signing, food, music, and Re-enactors. The addition of a Genealogy Table will allow Hoyle descendants to compare notes and discuss kinship. At approximately 11:00am a brief program will inform attendees of the Long Range Planning process. Last year’s Open House was one of the best attended. Make your plans to see what is new, what is planned, and how you may assist to re-create the Hoyle Historic Homestead.

I look forward to seeing each of you on Saturday, September 14 – Robert Carpenter, Board Chairman

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Tombstone Restoration in Process

Hoyle Historic Homestead Tombstones ImagesDo you remember the Hoyle Cemetery that was located across the road from the Hoyle Homestead house? It had a stone wall around it and a number of beautiful tombstones.

Unfortunately, the cemetery was destroyed so that housing could be built on the site.

We are grateful that Mr. Earl Withers of Dallas, North Carolina was able to rescue some of the tombstones. Some years later he donated a number of tombstones to the Hoyle Historic Homestead. With the aid of David Hoyle, Jr. of Charlotte, David Hoyle III of Salisbury, and a friend of Mr.  Withers, the four moved the tombstones to their present (2013) location at the Homestead.

Plans are being made to repair the tombstones and locate them at the Homestead where another important part of the heritage may be more easily seen. (Does anyone have a record of the persons who were buried Hoyle Historic Homestead Tombstones Images in the cemetery? If you do, please let the Hoyle Historic Homestead members have a copy for the records.)  Leigh and Melanie Ford now of Charlotte have done and are doing beautiful yeoman work in restoring the historic Smith Cemetery in Belmont which has burials as early as the 1700s. Leigh offered to restore our (HHH) tombstones.

After looking at Smith Cemetery, the HHH Board voted to accept his offer. His plan for getting our (HHH) tombstones back in shape was reviewed and approved by Archives, Raleigh.

As soon as the Hoyle Historic Homestead Board determines where the tombstones will be located, Leigh Ford and some volunteers will start to work.

We trust that by our Open House on September 14, 2013 this project will be completed.

– Wilma Ratchford Craig


Hoyle Historic Homestead Tombstones Images

Hoyle Historic Homestead Tombstones Images 008

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