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Hoyle Historic Homestead Newsletter-Volume 25, #1 Spring 2017

2017-05-04 14:14:38 jancosta

HH Newsletter Volume 25

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Community Foundation Run 2017

2017-04-07 12:36:28 jancosta

The Hoyle Historic Homestead is participating in the Community Foundation Run 2017!!! This is a wonderful way to support our non-profit organization as a race participant or through a donation.
Important links:

Race registration-http://www.cfgaston.org/Learn/CommunityFoundationRun.aspx

Make Donation to our organization through this link:

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Hoyle Historic Homestead Newsletter-Volume 24, #3 Winter 2016

2017-02-13 14:21:55 jancosta


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Building Archaeology: Examples of Historic Architectural Fabric at the Hoyle Homestead

2016-09-02 14:17:52 jancosta

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Hoyle Historic Homestead Newsletter-Volume 24, #2 Summer 2016

2016-08-29 14:02:43 jancosta

Summer 2016 Open House Issue

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Open House Time Is Here!

Another year has passed and it’s Open House time again. This year will be our 22nd Hoyle Historic Homestead Open House. It is scheduled for Saturday, September 14 from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm. We will provide house tours, have vendors, re-enactors, food and drink, music, entertainment, and a brief program.
The event is free to attend and we will have hotdogs and fixings, drinks, baked goods, t-shirts, etc for sale.

This year’s program involves revising the Hoyle Historic Homestead Long Range Plan. Attendees to the Open House will have the opportunity to offer suggestions and opinions about what you want the Hoyle Historic Homestead to become.

The Hoyle Historic Homestead is located at 1214 Dallas Stanley Highway in Dallas, NC 28034-0235.

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For more information you can click on either of these two links:  Open House 2013 Blog Post  and  Latest Events
We welcome you and hope you will come out and enjoy our free HHH Open House event.
Robert Carpenter, Chairman


Hoyle Historic Homestead Celebrates 2012 Open House

Hoyle Historic Homestead - Open House 2012 2On September 8, 2012, one of the largest audiences estimated at over 300 persons enjoyed hot dogs, house tours, an outstanding program,  genealogy discussions, vendors and exhibitors, and Revolutionary re-enactors at our 21st annual Open House.

The beautiful day began with a Boy Scout flag raising ceremony.  Visitors enjoyed the most recent renovation of the west side porch with the handicapped access ramp.  They enjoyed the program led by the  Colonial Dames.

In my estimation it was one of the most successful Open Houses I have ever experienced.

Robert Carpenter, Chairman


Hoyle Historic Homestead - Open House 2012 1 Hoyle Historic Homestead - Open House 2012 3
Hoyle Historic Homestead - Open House 2012 4 Hoyle Historic Homestead - Open House 2012 5

The house and outbuildings are on the site where Peiter Heyl was granted a land grant in 1754. The main house was built during the late 1700’s. It features rare corner post construction and is the only known remaining structure in North Carolina with this type of construction. This was also the site of Hoylsville, the first Federal Post Office in present day Gaston County.

The site was purchased by Historic Hoyle Homestead Inc., in 1991 to preserve and restore this very important part of regional history. In 1993, it was placed on the National Historical Register.

You can find us here:

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